Be yourself, be comfy, wear wiccan shirts!

wicca clothes

Maybe you are looking to get in touch with your witchy, pagan side or perhaps you are craving an alternative fashion to bring a darker vibe to your style, whatever the case, you will find what you are looking for in our Wiccan clothing collection.  Every one of our shirts is guaranteed to be of great quality, comfortable, and designed with purpose and magical intent.

Things to consider when looking for Wiccan clothing

There are many stores with designs out there, so what sets wiccanlore aside? When it comes to Wiccan clothing and designs in general, I make each one using a unique process of meditation and then concentrating the intent of each design as I make it. This is done to ensure that the person wearing it will draw from it what they were hoping to find. Whether it is a protection spell or a sigil or anything else, they are made with positive intention and imbued with good vibes.

The Wiccan clothing and pagan designs you will find within are categorized into different sections ranging from the more serious approach to the occult to the more fun and playful design for when you do not want to take life too seriously. You will find many pagan and Viking-related pieces as well as magic symbols and sigils of power, visual spells you can cast just by wearing a shirt, and other dark aesthetic pieces to satisfy the witch within. In the strange event that you do not find what you were looking for you can always reach out to me and I will do my best to create a piece specifically for you!

Wiccan clothing and witchy clothes are not just for Halloween

Whoever said that Wicca clothes are just for Halloween is just nuts, yes it is true that during  Halloween as well as a few other key dates, the dark aesthetics, the occult, and witchy clothes tend to dominate the landscape but there is no reason why you should not rock your pentagrams all year round. Wear that triple goddess symbol with pride or that protection spell when you feel a little help might be in order. Above all, be comfortable with yourself.

Other awesome Wicca stuff, not just Wicca clothing!

Yes, Wiccan clothes, especially t-shirts are the main reason I started designing these but soon I realized there was a need for a bunch of other stuff I wanted to see designed in the same way. Take these Valkyrie shoes for example, or this insanely cool tote bag with a beautiful triple goddess/rede design. But probably most importantly, I realized that I could imbue my coffee with the right energy by having it flow out of the right vessel, the right vessel of course being one of the many cool mugs in the home goods section. So look around, and remember that if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, I will happily make a magical design just for you, using your specifications and your vision.

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