Magic drip

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Magic symbols

How do magic symbols, sigils, and spells actually work? The fact is that everything is in your mind, all reality is but an intellectual exercise of a higher you, and me and everyone in between. Think of the matrix, kind of like that, but without the macabre aspects of it. And with a major difference, in the matrix all people are connected to a system, a network if you will, in here, we ARE the network, and it is us, it's a feedback loop on a massive scale encompassing not only what our narrow view of reality is but what can only be described as infinity.  So getting back to magic, since it is all mental, it really is nothing more than focusing your intent on something. We use images to encapsulate meaning, they are archetypes, that's all.

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Why magic works

Because this is all in your head, to begin with. You are playing at being you, reality is a stage, and you are a player, producer, director, etc. in this production that is reality. So you give a particular value to something, and it has it, why is it so hard to bring about? Because you have to be aware, not just “believe” but see, know. I know, it's a lot.

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Sigils and spells

Most magic symbols and spells tend to have a logic behind them. They tend to be visual representations of complex ideas and concepts. Kind of like logos and designs. If the symbol you use, has a visual tie with whatever you are trying to evoke or invoke or manifest or whatever, then it is easier for you to accept its value. It's like reading the word blue, there is a disconnect there, your mind picks up on this and says, meh, lies. But when you read the word red, then it finds it much easier to believe. There is less friction, much the same happens with sigils and such.

Wearing symbols

So why make them into a shirt of all things? Think of it as an affirmation, the more you see it, the more your mind comes to terms with it, the easier it is for you to manifest whatever it is. There are many paths to this, but why not use the most fashionable around? :)


Goddess realization

So the path to becoming that supreme being that we all are comes in many forms, there are many ways there and while some are tortuous and hard some can be quite fun. See, we tend to have this idea of there having to be a difficult journey for the destination to be worthwhile, but these are just lies that we tell ourselves. Hey, to each their own, you want your story to be that? Go for it, but if you want your story to be something else, it is entirely up to you which path you take. 

In the journey to that self-realization and that becoming eternity, I recommend you wear some of these kick-ass threads of power and ride to that universal you in style, in what some might call magical drip.

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