Sigils, and magic symbols

What are sigils, glyphs, and visual spells? If you look up the definition of sigil you will probably get something to the effect of a symbol used in magic or in a spell, while this is true, it is but a layer of a much bigger onion. Think of visual spells and glyphs the way you would modern-day graphic design, sound crazy huh? The basic premise is that an abstract image is used to convey a concrete meaning, in this case, it represents the will or the intention of the practitioner. You are basically putting your intentions in visual form, a lot of information that can be invoked by a simple image.

Magic spells or logo?

So how is a Wiccan Sigil different from a logo or some other graphic? Truth is the basic idea is similar, the word logos was the Greek word for "reason", it also meant "word", to speak reason without words but rather images.  Some logos are in fact visual spells or glyphs called by another name. Take the cross, for example, it is a brilliant design where one line (horizontal) represents the profane intersecting with (vertical) another line representing the divine, and in that intersection of the profane and the divine lies man.  Or the Tao, a perfect representation of Equilibrium, balance, and Harmony, concepts that are very abstract and yet easily defined by these visuals

A Magic symbol you will likely be very familiar with is the pentacle or the five-point star, it is commonplace in all things Wicca and pagan, and just like the images mentioned earlier have a definite meaning. Each angle or point represents one of the four elements, fire, water, earth, and wind while the crowning point represents the spirit. The 5th element if you will, all combined makes up mankind, four elements graced by the spirit.

The power of Visual spells

Why would these images have any power?  It can be said that visual language (sigils and spells!) is closer to the truth. Let me explain, spoken language is basically the convention of the many agreeing on a sound having a particular meaning, but only for those in that convention, venture outside of it and no one will understand the sound, hardly a universal truth. On the other hand, few would find it difficult to understand the meaning of a ying-yang regardless of their spoken language. One is an agreement, a social construct, the other is a representation of a universal thing.

Let’s put this aside for a minute and take another thing into consideration. We know that intention carries power, now imagine a symbol that millions if not billions of people have attributed meaning to, an intention…over eons.  Now you can see how useful visual symbols can be and why they have been used for millennia and continue to be used today.

So how do I work Sigils and make visual spells?

The way I work a visual spell is simple, I enter a meditative state and after about 20 minutes of being as deep as I can be, I pick up my stylus and do what is commonly referred to as automatic writing, I try to take myself out of the equation and allow my inner consciousness to write or design bypassing me and thus making it more direct.  But, write or design what? Whatever intention I have been focusing on during that meditative state of course 😊 so at the end of the day it all comes down to intention.  Curious to know what that looks like? Browse through the sigils symbols and visual spells section and just think, you can be casting a spell every time you wear that shirt!

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