Sigils: The Power of Symbolism in Magick


Have you ever heard of sigils? In the world of magick and witchcraft, a sigil is a symbol or image that is imbued with a specific intention or desire. The idea behind sigils is that by creating a symbol that represents your intention, you can focus your energy and will to manifest that intention in the physical world. Think of them as visual spells that you invoke whenever you want. For example making a magical sigil, printing it on a tshirt and wearing it every time you want to manifest that intention. There are many different types, you can make a custom sigil or use a common sigil. Would you believe there are corporate sigils as well? Well, there are!


The use of symbols for magical or cultic purposes has been widespread since ancient times. The term "sigil" comes from the Latin word "sigillum," meaning "seal." In medieval magic, sigils were often used to represent angels and demons that practitioners would summon. These sigils were listed in magical training books called grimoires, such as The Lesser Key of Solomon. Some believe that these sigils are equivalent to the true name of the spirit, giving the magician control over the being. A common method for creating sigils was to use kameas, a type of magic square, by converting the spirit's name to numbers and connecting those locations on the square to form an abstract figure. The word "sigil" has a long history in Western magic and was used in the making of talismans by members of the Golden Dawn, wiccans, pagans and other practitioners of the occult arts. The sigil was sometimes used like a signature or sign of an occult entity.

History of Sigils

The use of base sigils can be traced back to ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and the Sumerians, who used symbols and hieroglyphics to represent gods and goddesses. In medieval times, sigils were used by alchemists and occultists as a way to communicate with angels and spirits.

Austin Osman Spare, an artist and occultist who lived from 1886 to 1956, developed his own unique method for creating and using sigils. This method has had a significant impact on modern occultism. Unlike traditional medieval practices, Spare believed that supernatural beings were simply complexes in the unconscious that could be actively created through the process of sigilization.


Spare's technique became a key aspect of chaos magic, and influenced artist Brion Gysin, who experimented with combining Spare's sigil method with traditional magic squares. Gysin's calligraphic magic squares were a common technique, where he would reduce a name or an idea to a "glyph" and write across the paper from right to left, turning the paper and repeating the process until a multi-dimensional grid was created. This same technique and conscious intention was also present in Gysin's paintings, and many consider everything he created as an act of sorcery. 

The Modern Use of Sigils

Today, sigils are used by modern-day witches and magick practitioners as a tool for manifestation and personal growth. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as attracting love, increasing prosperity, and finding inner peace. You can make a daily sigil to shape your week one way or another.

Creating Your Own legendary Sigil

Creating your own sigil is a simple process. First, you need to determine your intention or desire. This can be something as simple as "I want to be more confident" or as complex as "I want to manifest a loving and fulfilling relationship." Once you have your intention in mind, you can start creating your sigil. If you have heard of automatic writing, well making a sigil is a lot like that, you just focus your intention, grab a pen or a sharpie and close your eyes and just let your hand do its thing, the less conscious part you take the better, let your subconscious cast a magic spell.

visual spell

The Process of Making a Sigil

The process of creating a sigil is simple and can be done by hand or on a computer. First, you write out your intention in words and focus your positive energy. Then, you take the letters of the intention and rearrange them into a symbol or image that represents the intention. Finally, you can add any other symbols or images that you feel are appropriate for your intention.

Using Sigils for Manifestation

Once you have created your sigil, you can use it as a tool for manifestation. This can be done by meditating on the sigil, placing it in a place where you will see it often, or carrying it with you. The key is to focus your energy and intention on the sigil, and believe that your desire will manifest and let your inherent power do the rest, some people like using a black candle while they make it.

Sigils and the Law of Attraction

Sigils can be used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction and used as fortune spells. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, and by focusing your energy and intention on a specific desire, you can attract that desire into your life. By using a sigil as a visual representation of your desire, you are able to focus your energy and intention more effectively.

Sigil triple goddess

Sigils for Protection and Healing

Sigils can also be used for protection and healing. For example, you can create a sigil for protection against negative energy or to bring healing to a specific area of your body. By focusing your energy and intention on the sigil, you are able to call upon the protective and healing energy of the symbols and images used to create the sigil.

Sigils and the Tarot

Sigils can also be used in conjunction with the Tarot. Each card in the Tarot has a specific meaning and energy, and by creating a sigil that represents the energy of a specific card, you can call upon that energy to manifest your desire, think of sigils as a magical langauge, or even the common language of the ethereal realm.

abundance spell

Sigils and the Chakras

Sigils can also be used in conjunction with the chakras. Each chakra corresponds to a specific area of the body and a specific energy, and by creating a sigil that represents the energy of a specific chakra, you can call upon that energy to manifest your desire.

The difference between a sigil and a visual spell

A sigil is a specific symbol or design that is created to represent a specific intention or desire. The process of creating a sigil involves taking a statement of intent, such as "I will be successful in my job," and reducing it to its core elements, such as the letters in "success" and "job." These letters are then combined and simplified into a unique symbol or design. The sigil is then charged with the intention or desire it represents, usually through visualization or meditation. Once the sigil is charged, it can be used as a focus for the intention or desire, or it can be placed in an area where the desired outcome is to occur, or carried with you.

A visual spell, on the other hand, is a form of spell-casting that involves creating a visual representation of the desired outcome. This can take many forms, such as a collage, an image, a vision board or even a painting. The idea is to create a visual representation of the desired outcome and focus on it to manifest the spell. It's less specific than a sigil and can be less powerful than a sigil because it doesn't condense the power of the intention into a specific symbol but it can be more versatile as it can be used for multiple intentions or desires.

Both sigil and visual spell are used to manifest desired outcome and both require visualization and focus as the main components, but sigils are more specific and focused symbols while visual spells are more general and versatile images.

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